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    Polyketide Cyclizations for the Synthesis of Polyaromatics

    The folding and cyclization of poly‐β‐carbonyl chains controlled by the intricate enzymatic polyketide synthase machinery results in a remarkable diversity of aromatic natural products. Synthetic methods that allow for the preparation of highly reactive polyketide chains and control over their folding in ensuing cyclizations likewise lead to versatile divergent preparations of aromatic scaffolds valuable for numerous applications. Although biomimetic polyketide cyclizations have repeatedly been applied in the total synthesis of polyphenol natural products, their prospects for the preparation of the broad range of polyaromatic architectures has yet to reach its full potential. This review highlights some of the virtues of applying polyketide logic for the retrosynthetic analysis of polycyclic aromatic scaffolds, the increasing accessibility of precursors and the potential of small‐molecule catalysts for controlling polyketide cyclizations to provide polyaromatic scaffolds.

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    Source:: Angewandte Chemie Int. edition


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