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    A Factorial Design Approach for Hydrothermal Synthesis of Phase Pure AgInO2 – A Parametric Optimization Study

    Owing to a wide range of industrial applications and fundamental importance, delafossite compounds have gathered tremendous interest in research community. In this study, the formation of hexagonal nanoplates of AgInO 2 mainly dominated by (00l) facets with no metallic Ag impurity, reported using a facile hydrothermal route at 180 o C using KOH as mineralizer by adopting a factorial design approach. Rietveld analysis of the powder XRD pattern and SAED confirms the rhombohedral system of AgInO 2 . FE‐SEM image shows a uniform hexagonal plate‐like morphology with an average width of about 300 nm and thickness of 70 nm. XPS and EDX analysis confirm K + ion free AgInO 2 . A specific surface area of about 48.5 m 2 /g is arrived from N 2 adsorption studies. Temperature‐dependent AC impedance measurements revealed an activation energy of 0.24 eV/f.u. Further, TG‐DTA studies found that the compound is stable in air up to 595 °C.

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    Source:: Angewandte Chemie Int. edition


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