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    Effect of temperature on the nucleation and growth of precious metal nanocrystals

    Understanding the effect of physical parameters ( e.g. temperature) on crystallisation dynamics is of paramount importance for the synthesis of nanocrystals of well‐defined sizes and geometries. However, imaging nucleation and growth is an experimental challenge owing to the resolution required and the kinetics involved. Here, using an aberration‐corrected transmission electron microscope, we report the fabrication of precious metal nanocrystals from nuclei and the identification of the dynamics of their growth at three different temperatures (20, 50, and 100 °C). A fast, and apparently linear, acceleration of the rate of nucleation is observed against increasing temperature (78.8, 117.7, and 176.5 pm/min, respectively). This work appears to be the first direct observation of the effect of temperature on the nucleation and growth of metal nanocrystals.

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    Source:: Angewandte Chemie Int. edition


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