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    Essential and Ubiquitous: The Emergence of Lanthanide Metallobiochemistry

    Methanol dehydrogenases (MDHs) are essential enzymes for many bacteria. Recently it has come to light, that in addition to a well‐known Ca‐MDH, nature has evolved lanthanide‐dependent enzymes and proteins. This minireview tells the story of the discovery of lanthanide‐dependent bacterial metabolism and discusses the newest developments as well as open questions in this emerging field.


    Lanthanide biochemistry—A surprise around every corner: lanthanides as biologically essential metals. This statement was until recently, unthinkable. This minireview presents the recent developments in the emerging field of rare‐earth element biochemistry from a coordination chemist’s point of view and discusses why nature might have chosen these elements to have a catalytic role in alcohol dehydrogenase enzymes as they are found in methanotrophic and methylotrophic bacteria.

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    Source:: Angewandte Chemie Int. edition


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