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    Organic and Molecular Electronics

    An introduction to the interdisciplinary subject of molecular electronics, revised and updated

    The revised second edition of Organic and Molecular Electronics offers a guide to the fabrication and application of a wide range of electronic devices based around organic materials and low-cost technologies. Since the publication of the first edition, organic electronics has greatly progressed, as evidenced by the myriad companies that have been established to explore the new possibilities.

    The text contains an introduction into the physics and chemistry of organic materials, and includes a discussion of the means to process the materials into a form (in most cases, a thin film) where they can be exploited in electronic and optoelectronic devices. The text covers the areas of application and potential application that range from chemical and biochemical sensors to plastic light emitting displays. The updated second edition reflects the recent progress in both organic and molecular electronics and:
    * Offers an accessible resource for a wide range of readers
    * Contains a comprehensive text that covers topics including electrical conductivity, optical phenomena, electroactive organic compounds, tools for molecular electronics and much more
    * Includes illustrative examples based on the most recent research
    * Presents problems at the end of each chapter to help reinforce key points

    Written mainly for engineering students, Organic and Molecular Electronics: From Principles to Practice provides an updated introduction to the interdisciplinary subjects of organic electronics and molecular electronics with detailed examples of applications. [512 Pages, Softcover]

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    Source:: Wiley VCH Physics Books


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