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Artificial metalloenzyme flips switch in cells

Cell-penetrating assembly uncages hormone, turning on gene circuit …read more

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First chip-scale broadband optical system that can sense molecules in the mid-IR

Researchers at Columbia Engineering have demonstrated, for the first time, a chip-based dual-comb spectrometer in the mid-infrared range, that requires no moving parts and can acquire spectra in less than 2 microseconds. The system, which consists of two mutually coherent, low-noise, microresonator-based frequency combs spanning 2600 nm to 4100 nm, could lead to the development of a spectroscopy lab-on-a-chip for real-time sensing on the nanosecond time scale. …read more

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Electron tomography technique leads to 3-D reconstructions at the nanoscale

Understanding the microscopic structure of a material is key to understanding how it functions and its functional properties. Advances in fields like materials science have increasingly pushed abilities to determine these features to even higher resolutions. One technique for imaging at nanoscale resolution, transmission electron microscopy (TEM), is one example of promising technology in this area. Scientists recently found a way to harness the power of TEM to measure the structure of a material at the highest possible resolution—determining the 3-D position of every individual atom. …read more

Source:: Physorg Latest


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