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    The prospects of american strawberries

    A comprehensive review led by Jayesh Samtani of Virginia Tech and Curt Rom of the University of Arkansas encapsulates an understanding of the challenges, needs, and opportunities of strawberry growers across the United States. Samtani and Rom formed and gathered support from a team of 12 researchers from 10 different states as they embarked on an academic journey designed to generate an effective guideline essential for research, policy, and marketing strategies for the strawberry industry across the country, and to enable the development of general and region-specific educational and production tools. …read more

    Source:: Physorg Latest


    Genetic vulnerability to menthol cigarette use

    A genetic variant found only in people of African descent significantly increases a smoker’s preference for cigarettes containing menthol, a flavor additive. The variant of the MRGPRX4 gene is five to eight times more frequent among smokers who use menthol cigarettes than other smokers. The multi-ethnic study is the first to look across all genes to identify genetic vulnerability to menthol cigarettes. …read more

    Source:: Sciencedaily


    The chiral trimer and a metastable chiral dimer of achiral hexafluoroisopropanol: A multi‐messenger study

    1,1,1,3,3,3‐hexafluoro‐propan‐2‐ol aggregates preferentially into an achiral dimer of achiral monomers, but the trimer is found to prefer three metastable chiral monomer units arranged into a strained OH‐O hydrogen‐bonded ring which is reinforced by secondary CH‐FC interactions. This is shown by a combination of infrared, microwave and Raman spectroscopy in supersonic jet expansions and supported by high level quantum chemical calculations. It involves an activation of the monomers by >15 kJ mol‐1, clearly driven by the much stronger hydrogen bond interaction available to the gauche and even more to the cis monomer units.

    …read more

    Source:: Angewandte Chemie Int. edition


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